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When is New Year 2023? Why do we celebrate, and what do we do during those holidays?

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We all are excited to celebrate the new year and jump into it with new hopes and plans, ready to face some adventure. Every new year is like a new journey on a new boat where we face many uncertain situations. So let's have a ride on this article to get some classy and catchy information and words that make your excitement crazier.

As I am writing on this topic, that gives me butterflies in my belly, I don't know why but this type of event and tradition makes me so crazy and excited. I hope you will drive crazy while reading. So get a look at duds.

When is the new year 2023? Why do we celebrate?

Every first January, we will step into the new year with solid resolutions and are busy with attending or hosting parties; we have faith to celebrate this to make a good start because no one has the ability to control the new year ride, mean what will happen in this new year it is a blind journey, so that's why people make a new year more celebrating and fascinating.

The reason behind celebrating is that we believe we put bad things behind in our pasts and enter with the good things in the new year with new and pure feelings. We lost, and we gained something. Everyone is busy in their lives, so we decided to celebrate this new year with our loved ones, family and friends. That refreshes our feelings, moods, plans, relations and many things; with that belief, we love celebrating this year.

The main reason for the new year celebration is the gathering of family and friends. The best thing is getting together with friends and family and enjoying the new year celebration.

How is the new year celebrated all around the world?

As of 31st December, every year ends, and the new year begins and is celebrated worldwide. It is believed that the new year brings prosperity and good fortune removing all the bad luck of the previous year.

Thus, people from different countries adopt different traditions and customs to celebrate the new year. Let's have a look at how people celebrate the new year around the world.

  • Japan

In Japan, a bell is rung to start the new year. It runs 108 times and is a bit noisy. It starts on January 01st and ends on January 03rd. Family and friends spend time together.

The Japanese fulfil a new year's custom named "Hatsumode". The people here go to visit Shrine with their friends and family to wish for a happy and healthy new year. This shrine gets very crowded.

Japanese decorate their houses and celebrate the new year with friends and family members. There is a traditional decoration for the new year holiday named Kadomatsu.

  • South Korea

Korean new year is also called Seollal. There is a traditional holiday in North Korea and South Korea. New year celebrations usually last for three days. A day before the new year,

New Year itself and the day after New year.

During these days, Koreans spend quality time with their friends and family. They perform some ancestral rites, wear Hanbok and eat Korean cuisine. They also play folk games. Children receive money from their elders as a New year gift (Seollal gift).

Koreans also decorate their houses and visit their families and friends. They celebrate the new year according to their traditions and customs.

  • China

People of China celebrate New year with excitement and love. It is the time to worship the ancestors and pray for good fortune.

The new year is celebrated with enthusiasm. Chinese people wear red clothes and decorate their houses. They celebrate the new year with firecrackers and fireworks. Young people and children are given a red envelope of money as a new year's gift from their elders. The red colour symbolizes that lousy luck is thrown away, and good luck or fortune is passed on. It is time for a feast. People visit their family members and friends to celebrate their new year with them.

  • United Kingdom

The people over there celebrate the new year with dancing, singing, fireworks and parties to ring out the old year and ring in the new.

The new celebrations last from one day to two days. The people here celebrate with drinks and dancing.

There is a midnight fireworks show in London, where the chimes signify the arrival of the new year.

People get together yearly and eat pies, roasts, treacle sponges and many more things which are British favourites. There is a bank holiday in the UK during the new year. People here celebrate New Year with great enthusiasm and affection.

  • Canada

Many people here start their new year with parties and celebrations. The people start celebrating on the evening of December 31st and welcome the new year with grand parties.

People here go to bars and clubs or spend their new year party at home. New Year's Eve is also celebrated. People visit their friends and families and love to spend quality time with their loved ones.

Major celebrations:

There are different traditions globally, so everyone celebrates New Year according to their customs. There are some significant traditions and customs mentioned below.

  • Fireworks

Different countries celebrate their new year with big fireworks displays. The new year is celebrated with fireworks displays globally every year. In some countries like New Zealand, Australia and Canada, the sky is lit up with fireworks.

  • Ringing bells

Some countries start their new year by ringing bells. In South Korea and Japan, the bell is rung 108 times and is a bit noisy.

  • Dress up like a bear

In Romania, it is a tradition to dress up as a bear. According to Romanian stories, bears are very special. So dressing up as a bear means leaving sinister evils behind and welcoming Good fortune.

  • Smashing plates

It must be weird to hear that. But it's true. But the people of Denmark smash plates after midnight. It is believed that there will be good luck after smashing plates.

  • Throwing out the furniture

In countries like South Africa, people throw old furniture out of the window. To start their new year without old things.

As the new year is right around the corner, different countries celebrate it according to their traditions and customs.

As the new year is a moment of enjoyment and peace. And people like to celebrate it with their friends and family. So here we have described some traditions and customs of different countries worldwide. I hope you all liked it.

Kindly let me know your thoughts in the comments section.

Lots of blessings and love for the new year!


Why is the new year celebrated all around the world?

The new year is celebrated all around the world. It gives us a chance to look at the past 365 days. Because most of us are not the same at the present time. It brings happiness and enjoyment at the same time. It is celebrated for welcoming good fortune and leaving lousy luck behind.

What is a new year's resolution, and why should we have one?

It is a firm decision made by one to do something in the coming year or refrain from doing something. Everyone should have a new year's resolution to become a better version of themself.

What are the best traditions to celebrate the new year?

There are a lot of traditions all over the world. Hosting a party, watching fireworks displays, tossing a coin, finding round objects and mainly spending time with your family and friends is one of the best traditions to start your new year with.

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