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In this game, we see five main characters in GTA's name: CJ (Carl Johnson), sweet smoke, Ryder Ryder, OG LOC, and kindle, the main character of GTA.

What is GTA, and why are people talking about GRAND THEFT AUTO? It's a simple player and life story game. I will inform you all about a little bit life story of CJ. CJ is a main we use CJ in the game and complete games and missions with CJ's character. Basically, in this game, your goal is to spread CJ's gang his gang name is Grove street home and up big enemy gang is the ballas gang and the second enemy gang is the willow. After she passes some missions, the willow gang is our friendly gang, mainly the point where the re-story starts.

Story of CJ In GTA Game

The story starts with CJ having gone to a second country. The country's name is liberty city. His gang members informed him the gang has a very regular activity; his prominent family members have died; his father died in a car accident, and his mother was killed in a car accident. After a long time, CJ was informed by his big brother sweet about his mom's death.

He comes back, and first, he goes to his mom's funeral, and he meets his brother, sweet and sister Kendle and his friend smoke. He explores Los Santos city as playing you with his friend Ryder and kills some snakes mixed up with the Ballas gang. After some missions, he removed tags of the ballas gang and created his tags of Grove street with his brother, and we shifted to a second country.

The secondary country's name is San Ferrio for his home gang. He goes to work to kill and stop some big deals and dealers. And the main interest in the game GTA SAN ANDREAS is CJ's friends Ryder and smoke some police officers are involved with the ballas gang, and CJ aims to finish all the close enemies. In the grove gang, he starts finding evidence about smoke, Ryder. Suppose you all are thinking about the name of police officers. The name of the police officers is tenpenny and polaski. CJ started to find evidence about enemy friends. He starts to find evidence of his sister's boyfriend, Ceaser. Caesar found some evidence that all big enemies were in our gang. If you do not believe in the game, Grove street, like shape street, exists in reality. Now we come back to the story. And the second big enemy is jizzy.


First, CJ creates friendliness with jizzy and then he starts to go party with jizzy when jizzy is drunk; CJ takes advantage and starts to find some critical information about jizzy finally, he starts an attack on jizzy, and slowly kills all his close friends jizzy.


He starts making a plan to kill jizzy in his plan, he knows to jizzy run when he attacks jizzy, and he knows we're jizzy, and CJ knows to jizzy go to his underground garage. He already set his field on all sides of his garage, we say, like he covers his garage with his mind. One day he attacked when jizzy was in his club; he started an attack on his roof; he entered from his roof. We all thought he was CJ's friend, so why not enter from the main entrance?

Because when he killed the jizzy the ballas gang holder investigated it and tried to find jizzy killer means CJ didn't take his mind about CJ. It was because he couldn't enter from the main entrance. First, he kills all the guards of jizzy's club. And he toward to jizzy. About his plan, jizzy ran on the right way, and finally, he caught jizzy in his mind's plan, and he killed jizzy he took his mommy's revenge. In the game, he says it's time to revenge on big smoke.


CJ comes to his country and city and starts planning to kill big smoke the most significant weapon to kill smoke is to achieve big smoke in all areas where the smoke gang is. He started to achieve all the extensive smoke areas in Los Santos. When he achieves all the areas of the big smoke, he goes to kill the smoke and take revenge.

His whole plan is like jizzy's killing plan. Finally, he saw the central area of smoke and a day to kill big smoke. With no plan to kill big smoke, he enters freely. He has a modified tank; CJ creates a speed tank, and he destroys the main door and wall. He enters a prominent smoke location and finally starts to kill the enemy, killing all the enemies in the big smoke. He reached big smoke and killed big smoke, and he took all his family's revenge on big smoke, and the game ended on this mission. CJ decided to live close to his family.

This game is best for kids and elder brothers and sisters. We can spend our time. Personally, GTA SAN ANDREAS is my favorite game. This article is based on important information about the main character (CJ) of the GTA Game.

Read this carefully and utlized this information to play the game well. We hope you will enjoy this rate this article in the comment section.


Does CJ have siblings?

In the game, CJ has another brother whose name is Ben.

What is the information about CJ’s mother's death?

Police were involved in CJ'S mom's death.

Is the GTA game enjoyable?

After completing all the game's missions, we can enjoy the game.

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