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The Top Wednesday Netflix Series

So today, we will share some honest reviews of the series. So let's get started.

Tim Burton's Netflix series "Wednesday" was released on November 23rd. The kooky, spooky and mysterious series has a total of eight episodes. It is an American comedy horror series which is based on the character Addams from "The Addams Family.".

Alfred Gough and Miles Millar created it. It is composed by Danny Elfman and Chris Bacon. A total of one season is released, yet having a total of eight episodes. It was initially released on Netflix in English.

Overview of Wednesday Addam Netflix Series

  • Jenna Ortega

  • Gwendoline Christie

  • Riki Lindhome

  • Jamie McShane

  • Hunter Doohan

  • Percy Hynes White

  • Emma Myers

  • Joy Sunday

  • Georgie Farmer

  • Naomi J. Ogawa

  • Christina Ricci

  • Moosa Mostafa

“Wednesday premiered on November 16, 2022, with positive reviews praising Ortega's performance. Within two weeks, it became the third most-watched English Netflix Series. And received two nominations.”

Basis of Wednesday Addam Netflix Series

After dumping live piranhas in the pool in retaliation for the boys bullying her brother Pugsley, Addams got expelled from the school. This leads her parents to enrol her at their high school alma mater. Due to Wednesday's cold and emotionless personality, her nature makes it challenging to communicate with her schoolmates. She got some psychic abilities from her mother, allowing her to solve a murder mystery.


  • Jenna Ortega as Addams

She is a 16 years old girl possessing psychic abilities. To cause problems, she was enrolled at Nevermore Academy.

  • Karina varied as young Wednesday.

  • Gwendoline Christie as Larissa Weems

She was the principal of Nevermore academy. And also a former student roommate with Morticia Addams.

  • Oliver Wickham as young Larissa Weems.

  • Riki Lindhome as Dr. Valerie Kinbott

She played her character as Addams's therapist.

  • Jamie Mcshane as Donovan Galpin

He is a former deputy and sheriff of Jericho's, suspicious of Nevermore academy and Wednesday Addams.

  • Ben Wilson as young Donovan Galpin

  • Hunter Doohan as Tyler Galpin

He is the son of Sheriff Galpin and has an interest on Wednesday. He is a barista at a local coffee shop.

  • Percy Hynes White as Xavier Thorpe

He is a student of Nevermore Academy who can make his art come true.

  • Emma Myers as Enid Sinclair

She is Wednesday's roommate trying to be friends with her despite her lack of interest.

  • Joy Sunday as Bianca Barclay

She is a student at Nevermore academy and also Xavier's Ex-girlfriend. She is a siren.

  • Georgie Farmer as Ajax Petropolus

She is a student at Nevermore Academy and a gorgon.

  • Naomi J.Ogawa as Yoko Tanaka

She is a student at Nevermore Academy and a vampire.

  • Christina Ricci as Marilyn Thornhill

She is a dorm mom of Wednesday and Enid and a botany teacher at the academy.

  • Moosa Mostafa as Eugene Ottinger

He is also a student at Nevermore academy and has the ability to control bees.

These are all the main characters of the series. Besides them, there are some guests and recurring characters like:

  • Victor Dorobantu

  • Luyanda Unati Levis-Nyawo

  • Tommie Earl Jenkins

  • Iman Matson

  • Isaac Ordonez

  • Catherine Zeta-Jones

  • Luis Guzmán

  • George Burcea

  • William Houston

  • Calum Ross

  • Fred Armisen

Story of Wednesday a Top Netflix Series

Episode 1:

On Wednesday, Addams got expelled from the school because she dumped live piranhas in the school pool in retaliation for the boys bullying her brother. She was then enrolled at Nevermore academy, where she met her roommate Enid. Meanwhile, near nevermore, a hiker was killed by an unknown creature. Enid is opposite Wednesday and duels with a popular girl, Bianca. Wednesday is nearly about to being killed by a falling gargoyle but is saved by Xavier, Ex boyfriend of Bianca. After escaping from her therapy session, Wednesday meets Tyler. She agrees to help her in escaping from the academy. However, Larissa Weems takes back Wednesday in the academy. After some time, Tyler and Wednesday meet at a lockable fair, and adam has the vision of Rowan's death. He attempts to kill her but gets murdered by a monster.

Episode 2:

Wednesday convinces Sheriff Talking that the perpetrators of the murder are a monster. Rowans reappeared suddenly, so Wednesday decided to investigate the murderers herself. She investigates the campus and is told that he has been expelled from the academy. Weems got worried about Addams' vision. As Rowan leaves the campus, she sends things to follow him. Weems is to be revealed in Rowan's shapeshifting into him. She has visions of a book by an old student. While searching the book, she hears Bianca planning to rig the upcoming tournament. She later finds a library on campus and is captured there.

Episode 3:

Later Wednesday finds herself tied up in the library by members of the elite student society. Xavier and Bianca are also present there. She then frees herself and leaves the library, taking one of the books from the library with her. Weems ordered Wednesday to play in a band for an upcoming event. There is a drawing in the book which leads her to an exhibition. Here she notices a painting of a girl she had seen in her vision. She believes that girls are her ancestors. Wednesday crashes the ceremony and gets scolded by Weems for that. Police find a camera in the forest while investigating a crime scene. The camera managed to capture a picture of the monster.

Episode 4:

To copy the files of monster Wednesday along with the thing breaks into the Coroner's office. Each victim has their parts surgically removed. She becomes suspicious of Xavier and follows her into his art studio. Here she finds drawings of monsters. She retrieves one of the claws and gives it to the sheriff to match the DNA. Tyler and Wednesday together attend a local dance. The dance is interrupted by Lucas, Mayor Walkers's son. He interrupts the dance in revenge for the town ceremony disrupted by Wednesday. Wednesday sees Eugene in danger and heads to the forest to find him injured by the monster.

Episode 5:

32 years earlier, At Nevermore, Gomes is arrested for being suspicious of killing Garrett Gates. When Wednesday confronts the suspected murderer, the family therapy session is cut short. Meanwhile, the Sheriff knew that coroner had committed suicide after admitting to the autopsy report of Gates. Then Gomez is guilty and arrested. In prison, he says to Wednesday that Gates was killed by accident. Then Wednesday and Morticia dog up Gates' grave to know whether he was poisoned before he could be killed. But getting caught by the police. They get arrested for one night. Mayor Walker reveals that Garrett intended to poison the school. He also agrees to release Gomez. Weems admits to covering up Rowan's death utilizing shape-shifting.

Episode 6:

Wednesday attempts to summon Goody. She has a vision of Goody during a surprise birthday party, instructing her to seek out Gates' mansion. She witnesses Mayor Walker and sneaks into his car. Mayor is severely injured after coming back to town. Weems forbids Wednesday to leave the campus and locks down the school. With the help of Tyler and Enid, she returns to Gates's mansion. There they find that Laurel gates, beloved to be dead, might still be alive. They find severe body parts of the monster but escape due to the monster. Wednesday convinces Weems not to expel her from Nevermore to pursue her investigation. An unknown kills Mayor Walker at the hospital.

Episode 7:

At the funeral of Mayor Walker, she notices a figure and chases it. It is revealed to be Uncle Fester. He explains to Wednesday that the monster she has been investigating is a Hyde. They find a hidden diary together in a hidden library that says that Hyde always has a master. Later they follow Xavier. After coming back from a date with Tyler, she finds some things. Research reveals that she is alive as well, as she is the master of Hyde. She suspects Dr Kinbott initially but is killed by Hyde. Police arrest Xavier. Later she kissed Tyler but had a vision of him being Hyde suddenly.

Episode 8:

Wednesday, along with her classmates, kidnapped Tyler and tortured him. So that he'll reveal that he is a Monster. Wednesday is arrested, and at the police station, Tyler reveals that he is a monster. Weems expels Wednesday from Nevermore after getting fed up with her behaviour. Wednesday, then visits Eugene at the hospital. He tells her that the monster was wearing Red boots, which he saw at the monster's cave, and tells many more things to her. Later, Gates kills Weems and Wednesday and leaves Wednesday to die. But Goody appears to heal her. Enid defeats Tyler in her Hyde form. Wednesday departs. Xavier is released from prison, and Tyler is drained.

Final Reviews For Top Netflix Wednesday Series

The love this series got is beyond everything. Within two weeks, this became the third most-watched season on Netflix beating Stranger Things all seasons. This season is spooky, creepy and mysterious. The season got much fame due to the best-ever performance of the lead, Jenna Ortega.


The series has received two nominations at Golden Globe Awards:

  • Best television series, musical or comedy

  • Best actress television series musical or comedy for Jenna Ortega

"Wednesday" is the third most-watched Netflix series until its release. The amount of love this series received in less time is beyond everything. Just after two weeks, this also got two nominations.

Since everyone knows about the hype of Wednesday in society and since it's trending these days, here we are to tell you about the series.

I hope you all like it. I hope this helps you a lot.


Where is the Netflix series 'Wednesday' filmed?

The Netflix series "Wednesday" is filmed in Busteni, Romania. And specifically at Cantacuzino Castle.

Is Wednesday appropriate for people of age 12?

Wednesday is rated 14 because it contains content like language and violence, which may not be suitable for a child under the age of 14.

Is season 2 of Wednesday expected now?

Season 2 of Wednesday is still to be confirmed, unfortunately. But seeing its success in such a short time period, a second season seems likely.

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