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Tunisha Sharma Death Case Sheezan Khan's Alleged Ex's Phone Got Seized by Cops

The case is still in progress, and Tunisha's mother has filed a case against her daughter's co-actor, Sheezan khan. Let's have a look at the latest update about the case.

Tunisha Sharma was an Indian television serial and movie actress. She has worked in both dramas and movies. Tunisha Sharma was born on January 04th, 2002, in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, and died on December 24th, 2022. Her height was 1.6 meters. She made her acting debut with Bharat ka Veer putra- Maharana Pratap as chand kawar in 2015. She is best known for playing the role of Rajkumari Ahankara in Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat, Zara in Ishq Subhanallah and Aadhya in internet wala love.

Tunisha's Suicide Case

As the mother of late Indian actress Tunisha Sharma has filed a case against Sheezan Mohammed Khan. The case is still in progress. Recently on Wednesday, the Waliv police said that the death case of TV actress Tunisha Sharma accused Sheezan Khan's secret girlfriend also deleted the chats with him. Police have seized the mobile phone of Sheezan Khan's secret girlfriend after recording the statement of her saying to retrieve the chats.

Sheezan Khan has also deleted the chats with her, But the police have already retrieved the chats. Some chats have been recovered by the police, which shows that the accused used to talk to many other women. During the investigation, it was found that the accused started to avoid Tunisha after the breakup. She used to text and call her repeatedly, but he didn't reply to her, said the police.

He was arrested on 25 December on the charges of abetment to suicide. Police are still working on the case and till now have recorded statements from 27 people. Sheezan khan is the reported boyfriend of late actress Tunisha Sharma, and both were working in the same serial when Tunisha hanged herself to death in the makeup room Sheezan. Tunisha's mother filed a case against Sheezan and said that he used to beat her daughter and force her to adopt Islamic practices. On Sunday, December 31st, the Vasai Court accused Sheezan khan of 14 days of judicial custody.

Press conference of Sheezan's Family

Addressing a press conference, sheezan's sister accused Tunisha's mother of neglecting her. Falaq naaz, a co-actor of Sheezan Mohammed khan and Tunisha Sharma, accused her mother of neglecting her and said that Tunisha's depression was due to her childhood trauma. Falaq naaz said that Tunisha's mother has accepted that she neglected her daughter and didn't take care of her. She also said that the reason for her depression was childhood trauma.

Falaq naaz also denied that there is a girlfriend of Sheezan. Falaq said that Tunisha was the only girlfriend of Sheezan Khan and called it false news. Tunisha's mother, Vanita Sharma, said that the reason behind Tunisha's depression was her breakup with Sheezan Khan. Sheezan's sister said that Uncle Sanjeev and his mother controlled Tunisha. They said that Tunisha was depressed due to the pressure from her family about her work. The police have recovered calls and messages of Actor Sheezan Khan with his secret girlfriend. Let's see what happens.

Tunisha's mother said that the reason behind her depression was her breakup. However, she also said that Sheezan used to force Tunisha to adopt Islamic practices. However, Sheezan Khan is still lodged in judicial custody, and police are investigating and interrogating Sheezan Khan's relationship with the late actress Tunisha Sharma. I hope you all liked it. Kindly let me know your thoughts in the comments section.

The Suicide case of Tunisha Sharma is an unsolved mystery till now. Police are still investigating the matter. Recently the phone of Sheezan Khan's alleged ex got seized, and the chats Sheezan had with her were found.

It was reported that the actor had deleted his chats with his secret girlfriend. But the police have retrieved some of the chats of the actor. Sheezan's sister and Co actor falaq naaz have denied the statement of Tunisha's mother statement about the depression of her daughter.

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Is Sheezan Khan under judicial custody?

Yes, Khan is under judicial custody. On the charge of abetting her suicide, he was arrested the next day. He is currently lodged in Thane Central Jail.

Will Tunisha's character be replaced?

It is reported that Avneet Kaur, a close friend of Tunisha, will continue her character in Alibaba: Dastaan-e-Kabul.

Are the accusations of Tunisha's mother correct?

Tunisha's mother said that The reason behind Tunisha's depression was her breakup. But in a press conference, Sheezan's sister denied it and said that the main reason behind her depression was the pressure on her from her family to work. She also said that her mother, Vanita Sharma, used to neglect her.

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