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What is PUBG MOBILE, and why is everyone talking about Player unknown's Battleground

In PUBG Mobile, the event is about Lionel Messi and footballing. How's the event of footballing in PUBG Mobile?

First Of All, What is PUBG Mobile'1 PUBG Mobile means player unknown's Battleground mobile. If you want to know what is player unknowns Battleground mobile. In PUBG mobile, all players are unknown and unknown players start to play Battleground.

“A battleground is called a ground of battle. The players land at specific places in the ground of battle and then all start looting guns.”

The actual battle starts all players fight with guns slowly. Time one player is the winner and celebrates your's happiness in the title of winner-chicken dinner.

THE PUBG MOBILE: Special Currency & UC King

The PUBG game was published on 19 march 2018. It has many updated versions: Taiwan, Korea, India, and the United States. PUBG was banned in India by the carelessness of the Indian people. We download PUBG from the Google play store and the apple app store.

Tencent games and Grafton rolled out PUBG. Everyone wishes to create the best and rich account in PUBG mobile. In PUBG mobile well, the known suit is named x-suit. Some people spend many UC for an x-suit. You think, what is UC? UC is a particular currency. We can purchase with money. People create a world record for purchasing a tremendous amount of UC. The top five UC kings are

  1. Gaming Guru

  2. Nook 360

  3. Tony Sama

  4. Fatalfragyt

  5. solo king

What is UC king? If you play PUBG, you are doing important work for your business. You can't pause PUBG.In PUBG mobile, you can take or achieve titles by achievement points PUBG has a different title, like an overachiever. The limit of achievement points is 1k. If you achieve 1k points, PUBG gives you a permanent overachiever title. The second is the mythic fashion title. If you have an extensive collection of mythic suits and gun skin, PUBG gives you a permanently mythic fashion title.

PUBG Mobile Easy and Useful Hacks

PUBG Mobile has a different tier. If you want to know what TIER is?

TIER is the stage of your gaming experience in PUBG mobile. It is called by its names: bronze, silver, gold, platinum, crown, ace and conqueror. Bronze is the lowest tier in PUBG. A beginner starts his journey from bronze. Some people reached the conqueror with every effort.

Some people use hacks to go or reach conqueror to achieve mythic suits and other things in PUBG mobile. Hacks are of different types location hack, unlimited health hack, air floating hack and unlimited UC hack. Suppose you are using one of these hacks. PUBG banned your account. If the hacker killed you, you could report the hacker to ban the hackers I'd.


PUBG NEW STATE is the second most famous version. This was released for foreigners, but it was famous in the gaming industry for its realistic graphics. His other name calls us. If you know about the second name of PUBG NEW STATE?

The second name is NEW STATE MOBILE. The Grafton were producers of PUBG mobile. It will be released on 11 November 2020. With the help of some parts, like different options and realistic graphics feels like you are playing a game in real life. It was based on 2051 in-game is very futuristic PUBG. In PUBG (NS), you and I experience Good and smooth graphics. You can take emotes with special effects.

You are thinking about whether the new state has an x-suit. Tencent's trying to release a fast and good x-suit at the end of the new year. Tencent gives Christmas gifts such as an x-suit, special emotes, and gun skins in futuristic skins to give a good feel. When you played a match in extreme graphics, all effects of guns, such as skins and suits, were given excellent and smooth graphics.

HACKS Of New State Mobile

If you now think about doing this in new states, players use hacks. I will let you know about the players who use hacks. In PUBG, new-state players couldn't use hacks. Different types of hacks are location hacks, unlimited health hacks, air floating hacks and unlimited NZ.


NZ means in the new state is New Zealand's currency. It's a particular currency. And how to get NZ coins purchased with money or dollars. We can purchase mythic suits in new states with NZ coins. It was not a heavy amount.


Are you searching for authentic information about PUBG or new state mobile, so your search ends here? You will get all related and helpful information here tha will help you to play the game in more accessible and exciting ways and make you more enjoyable and unable. So we must try over hacks mentioned above to plat effectively and efficiently.

In PUBG's new state, a famous title is the best driver title. If you can drive 2k kilometres, you can achieve it. PUBG gave you the permanent title. You can play 1v1 custom with friends.


How do you achieve a rich I.d?

We can send UC for an x-suit and mythic suit, and as time passes, your was rich and expensive.

What's the trick of going to conqueror without hacking?

The first trick is camping, the second is to show your skills, and the other is to kill enemies with your IQ.

How to achieve any title?

If you want to achieve an overachiever title, you must get 1k achievement points. You will secure the mission about the type of title.

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