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What is esports? And why are pro players like a scout, mortal, and godLJonathan other?

If you are thinking about what price was given to the winning player. It is MVP, TROPHY, and others. I will let you know all about esports information. All esports trophies are:



MVP TROPHY was a very expensive trophy for an export or esports player. You are thinking about what the MVP TROPHY stands for. It belongs to the most valuable player. Not yet a player was godLJonathan had won both trophies, and scout won only the championship trophy.

Mortal has only one trophy. MVP TROPHY godLJonathan has played with his squad. Mortals were played with its squad, or obviously, scouts rolled out in the game with the squad. I know who is a scout or Mortal and who's the go, Jonathan. All the players have their own YouTube channel.

SCOUT Pro Player Of PUBG

“If you are thinking about who a scout is. Scout is a PUBG pro player. It belongs to a middle-class family. In his interview, he says my father was tired of the tension at home, and he thought about how to help my father with house and business work.”


Suddenly, he thought of creating a YouTube channel. He says on these days, and the news was very spread. A PUBG-named game was released, and he recorded the gameplay of PUBG and started uploading it on YouTube. After a few months, his efforts received many views and subscribers. He was very famous.

SCOUT: Invited by PUBG for eSports

He says one-day PUBG was invited to esports. I inform my whole family. And my mother and father allowed me to go and play an esports match, and I was very excited to play an esports match. And the next day, I am ready to play an esports match.

I played every match with hard players. My efforts reached me in the next day's final game, and I played the final match. He says a day to play a final match. My teammate and I's efforts worked, and I won the esports match. And this time, he was a famous esports player and PUBG player. After winning the match, all players take vast amounts of money.

Mortal Another Top Level PUBG Player

“You all are thinking about who Mortal is. What's the story of a mortal?”

Mortal is a PUBG player. It belongs to the noble family. He shares his journey with new and old subscribers on his live stream. In his live stream, he asked if my father had died. When I was five months, he said the whole Budden and tensions between my mother and elder brother.

MORTAL’s Journey Information

He was a very old and small YouTuber, almost close to achieving 100k subscribers. When he reached 100k subscribers. PUBG invited him to play an esports match. Does mortal already create a youtube channel? Yes, because his dream is to create a YouTube channel and become a YouTuber.

MORTAL: Invited to play an esports match

When PUBG was invited to play an esports match, he discussed his elder brother and mother. Both of them were allowed to go and play an esports match for PUBG mobile.

He took his PUBG squad, and when scout and godLJonathan played the second esports match, mortal players the first tournament. in the quarter-final match, scout and godLJonathan quit with his defeats. Mortals were very easy to play and won esports matches. The mortal won the match with his and her teammate's efforts.

GodLJonathan Famous PUBG Player

If you are thinking about who Jonathan is and the life story of god Jonathan. GodLJonathan belongs to a religious family. Its name is Jonathan Amaral. His father's dream is to buy the latest BMW model. And Jonathan was young.

GodLJonathan: Journey

He knows about his father's dream. At this time, he started YouTube, and he got many subscribers on YouTube Jonathan had his dream.

Jonathan's dreams and PUBG invite him to play esports

Jonathan dreams of playing an esports match, and finally, his dream comes true; after a few days, PUBG invites him to play esports, and he has time to make his dream come true.

Time to play the final esports match, and he reached the final with his efforts and a day to play a final match in esports. And he won the esports final tournament.

If you want to play in an esports tournament, you must gain pertinent information. There is a piece of authentic information and hard work required to play in the biggest tournament of PUBG with top players.

This article provides you with valuable information about pro-level players information.


Esports tournament player belongs to which country?

Suppose you are thinking about where the player is living. All players live in India.

Where do the pro players of PUBG give us information?

All players were only recording live streams on youtube channels.

Which player is constantly updated on youtube?

Only mortal uploading daily gameplay on YouTube channel.

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