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If you like to play PUBG on your smartphone, you must have enough storage and a good internet speed to play PUBG.

Update reward: If you update the game and, after updating. You must be open to checking improvement in new updates; at this time, PUBG will give you an updated reward. You will get 3,000 BP, 100 AG and a pan helmet skin for only 3 days.

New martial arts showdown theme

We can experience new martial arts culture themes in the 2.4 updates. In the 2.4 updates, we can see some newly added items, such as the dancing lion, for all servers of PUBG to provide a better experience in PUBG mobile.

Returns of old Update Great Front

PUBG mobile producers added 2 new skills in the gear front update for an exciting battle.

New Weapons and Improvements in Vehicles:

PUBG Mobile installed a new weapon with the name of HONEY BADGER. They can add new features to mountain bikes. The new feature is 2-seats in bikes for lovers who are in PUBG, and it can celebrate Valentine's day with the help of a mountain bike. This is the most adorable update in PUBG mobile.

Martial Showdown's New Theme

Experience the new eastern martial arts in themed gameplay and a new theme setting. What on martial arts theme? We can find only two martial arts temple locations. One of these appeared with a time limit. After completing Its limit, it can disappear. It couldn't be found. The second one is the permanent temple we can find in a match every time.

New Feature For Honour

If the a badly killed you and your teammate recalled you, you have the option to take your revenge, and you have the option to challenge to enemy. You need to kill the enemy n show time on top, and on the map, you will have a skill where your enemy is in-game. If you couldn't take your revenge in your time, your merit has gone to come down. You considered noob players.

New theme vehicle and items

  • Dancing lion's new vehicle: A lion with the theme of dancing. Two players were sitting on it. Its speed is super fast. We can use a dancing lion with the ability to jump and dash. We can able to store them in our backpacks and use unlimited time. We can be found in the middle of a martial arts temple.

  • Explosive bow new item: A weapon that can make exciting and intense battles. Old traditions added it. It can explode when it touches a hard surface.

  • Grappling Hook: A grappling hook works like the spider-men web. If you wanna use the grappling hook in a match, first, you aim at your location. You need to set your aim and press the button to reach your location.

Blessing kite and blessing lantern

Basically, it was a unique loot creation. We found a particular creation in a martial arts temple in the middle top air. If we fire at it could fall on the ground. We take unique loot and a dancing lion. Gear front update: PUBG mobile installed 2 new exceptional skills in the gear front. Supporting maps: Orange and Livia.

Safety Improvements

  • Account Safety: To increase your account security, you will find an option in settings. A link that provides more detailed information about account security.

  • Merit: What is merit? Merit works like your game assistant. It shows your game experience and skills if you have high merit, so you are considered a pro player.

New Feature of New PUBG 2.4

A new feature in PUBG mobile was installed. The new feature is after completing a previous match, and you can show your statics to your friend with QUICK CHAT. Classic Map Improvements: When players return to the battleground after respawning, the aeroplane will display custom finishes. Spectator Card data now reflects the spectated player's current season data for the mode being played.

When expanding the mini-map, the route lines become thinner to lower the chance of obscuring information. In Classic mode, players will randomly get a UZI, UMP45, or SCAR-L to take into battle after respawning.

Lucky Teammates Updated Version PUBG 2.4

Lucky Teammates: The system recommends players as lucky teammates every week. Team up with lucky teammates and win Ranked matches together in Classic Mode to get additional rating points.

Limit: The bonus points perk can only be triggered with each lucky teammate once per week. Refresh Time: New lucky teammates for the week will be recommended every Monday. Victory Conditions: Team up with lucky teammates and finish Ranked Classic Mode matches in the Top 30 in Erangel, Sanhok, Miramar or Vikendi, in the Top 15 in Livik or Karakin, or the Top 10 in Nusa.

Information Shared Portable Player Closest

Players may share their Portable Closet with their Partners after reaching a certain amount of Synergy. The shared Portable Closet is only available when entering the game with the shared Partner. This is available in both Classic mode and Cheer Park.

The shared Portable Closet has a slot and rarity limit for items and a weekly usage limit. In addition, no items will drop after getting eliminated.

New Feature In PUBG: In-Match Social Button

Added an in-match Social button. Its size can be customized. Tapping the button lets, you check teammate info, add friends, and give RP Respect.

Improvements In Popularity Gifts Feature In PUBG 2.4

Quick-sending of Popularity Gifts and the visuals of radio messages have been improved. Added rewards for Weekly Popularity Ranking and Weekly Clout Ranking. Players who ranked No. 1–3 in the Weekly Popularity and Clout Ranking will receive a premium Team-Up Special Effect, Card Theme, and Mythic Title.

Those who ranked No. 4–10 in the Weekly Popularity and Clout Ranking will receive an advanced Team-Up Special Effect, Card Theme, and Mythic Title. Those who ranked No. 11–30 in the Weekly Popularity and Clout Ranking will receive a Card Theme and Legendary Title, and those who ranked No. 31–100 in the Weekly Popularity and Clout Ranking will receive an Epic Title.

If you are a PUBG player and want to know about the new updation in this game, this article will provide you with entire information such as new features, improvements in new features and more new ways in an updated version of PUBG in 2.4.

THE gamers like this update the most, and you all know about haters. The drops of unique loot were found in the martial arts temple. If you are a pro player in PUBG mobile, you can achieve many kills.


Can I use my skills in the temple?

If you are a pro player and you know how to use skills in the game. You can easily use skills in the 2.4 updates of the martial arts temple.

Did I complete my RP missions on the temple?

Yes, you will complete the RP mission in the martial arts 2.4 updates. But only those missions will create martial arts temples.

Suppose an enemy killed me in Tempel. Could I respawn automatically?

Yes, when you land on the martial temple, you pick up an automatic respawn card, but if your recall limit is complete, you have no option to recall.

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