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Lifestyle Of Most Popular Korean Band BTS Member Jungkook

Jungkook, the South Korean singer and youngest member of BTS, has the main vocalist, dancer and sub-rapper position.

Jeon Jungkook aka Jungkook was born on September 01, 1997 at Mandeok-dong, Busan, South Korea. His height is 5'7.

Jungkook's family consists of one brother elder to him named Jeon Jung-Hyun, his mother and his father. Jungkook's popularity has increased since he performed in the FIFA World Cup in Qatar. Since then, the army has wanted to know about the lifestyle of Jungkook.

Educational Background of JungKook

“He did his schooling at Baek Yang Middle School. He graduated from Seoul's school of performing arts, and now, along with his group members like sugar, RM, V, he is enrolled in Global Cyber University.”

Under his right thumb is BTS 'debut date. He has a purple tattoo on his right hand, and for the army, he got a tattoo saying ARMY on his right-hand knuckles. He also has a crown tattoo on his hand.

Some New Information About BTS Member Jungkook Life

Jungkook always wanted to become a badminton player, but after his G-Dragon performance, he changed from a badminton player to a singer. He participated in superstar auditions but needed to be selected. Jungkook is considered a Big Hit Entertainment Company.

Apart from this, he is a sub-rapper. He is the youngest member of BTS and has the nickname Golden Maknae. Jungkook's favourite weather is sunny.

Loveable Things About Jungkook

His favourite foods are Samgyeopsal and grilled pork belly. His favourite desserts are chocolate and banana milk. Jungkook's favourite colour is black and red, and he is spotted wearing them often. His favourite country is Japan, and he has sung a lot of songs in Japanese for his Japanese army. He has a black belt in Taekwondo.

JungKook Solos

He released some solos as well. Some of his most famous solos are still with you, Euphoria, My time and more.

FIFA World Cup performance

He recently gave a stunning performance at the opening ceremony of the FIFA World Cup in Qatar and became the first Korean artist to perform on an international platform. He won a lot of hearts with his stellar performance.

Cute And Funny Moments Of Jungkook’s Life

Apart from being a good singer and dancer, he has a talent for playing drums and guitar. He's also good at drawing. His name is Gurum. It is a cloud in Korea. He won't call his lovers fans. All of the BTS members call them the army.

His hobbies are drawing, playing games and soccer, photography and discovering new music.

Every girl from the army wants to know about her girlfriend, Jungkook. Jungkook and all the BTS members have not dated anyone publically. So there is no confirmation about his relationship with anyone.

In his live session, he said he had a digestive problem due to some food. He left them behind so he could dance and sing without any problem. Jungkook has a different fan base due to his politeness and humble behaviour. Everyone loves him due to his qualities. He is the youngest member of BTS and is good at everything.

Hence everyone from the army wants to know about the BTS members' lifestyles, hobbies, likes, dislikes, favourite colours and food. Here, a complete information about Jungkook is presented to you all.

As Jungkook is the youngest member of the BTS band, and he is an all-rounder. So he has a different fan base. Everyone loves and adores him because of his attractive and charming personality.

So here are some facts about the lifestyle of Jungkook. I hope you all liked it. And hope this helps you all.

Lots of blessings!


At what age Jungkook joined the BTS band?

At 15, Jungkook joined the BTS band and became the band's youngest member. He was also given the nickname Golden Maknae because of being the youngest in the band.

What are the likes and dislikes of Jungkook?

Jungkook always disliked academic subjects in his school days, but he liked physical education, music and arts.

How many tattoos does Jungkook have?

Jungkook has up to 18 tattoos on his body. He has tattoos on his arms, hands, knuckles, fingers and thumb.

Under his right thumb is BTS 'debut date. He has a purple tattoo on his right hand, and for the army, he got a tattoo saying ARMY on his right-hand knuckles. He also has a crown tattoo on his hand.

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