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History and Life Story Of BTS Member Jim-in

Here we will let you know about the lifestyle of BTS member Jimin.

BTS is a South Korean band comprising seven members. Jimin is one of them.

Jimin, aka Park Ji-min, is a South Korean singer and dancer. He was born on October 13, 1995, in Hoedong-dong, Busan, South Korea. His full name is Park Ji-min. His height is 1.74 meters.

His family consists of his parents and a younger brother. He is the eldest one. His brother's name is Park Jihyun.


Get Info About Jimin Education

“Jimin completed his schooling at Busan's Hiding Elementary school and Yonsan Middle School. He went to Busan High School of Arts for his dance classes.”

Then he moved to Korean Arts High School after the auditions and studied there along with V. And now, along with his members, he is currently enrolled at Global Cyber University.

Untold Life Story of Jimin, a Member of the Korean Boys Band

Jimin was so passionate about dancing from a very early age. He also learned contemporary dancing from Busan High School of Arts as a top student while doing his high school. He was so passionate about dance that after seeing his affection and love for dancing, his teacher suggested he give an audition.

He gave an audition at Big Hit Entertainment, and he got selected because of his talent. He also got training for singing and dancing for Big Hit Entertainment. After getting selected, he moved to Korean Arts School, where both V and Jimin studied together and became a BTS member.

Jimin is a singer, dancer and songwriter of the BTS band. He made his debut as a BTS member with the release of the single "No more dreams" in 2013. It was released through Big Hit Entertainment. Jimin has won many awards.

Something Hidden and Emotional about Jimin’s Life

“Jimin's favourite colour is black and blue.”

He is spotted wearing these colours more than other colours.

His all-time favourite food is kimchi Jjigae. He also likes pork, duck and chicken dishes.

His favourite country is Japan, apart from South Korea. The members have sung so many songs in Japanese for their Japanese fans.

Something Interesting and Cute Side Of Jimin

Let's have a look at some fun facts about Jimin. He wore a female Hanbok to his school festival and won first prize. Whenever he feels embarrassed, he hits his members. He dreamt of becoming a policeman and a singer when he was a child.

He falls on someone or disappears when he laughs. He was the last member to join BTS.

He has a black belt in Taekwondo. He also has a habit of dancing whenever the music plays. He is the shortest member of BTS. His favourite number is 3. He said that BTS is a second family to him. He gets advice from V whenever it is needed. He is the leading dancer in the band.

He has got many inked tattoos. He is famous for his tattoos. He has got the words "Young" and "Forever" tattooed on his elbows. He has the number 7 tattooed on his hand, which is a friendship tattoo of BTS members. He also got the word "Youth" tattooed on the back of his ear. He has a moon crescent tattoo as well on his neck. He has five moon tattoos on his back going down his spine.

The army is crazy for Members, and they are very curious to know everything, like their lifestyle and likes and dislikes about them. Jimin is a member of the BTS band. He is a very humble, polite and brave person. He is best known for his singing and dancing.

The lifestyle of Jimin is mentioned above. So let me know your thoughts in the comments section. I hope you all liked this.

Lots of blessings!


What are the nicknames of Jimin?

Jimin has a lot of nicknames. His nicknames are Mochi, Park, Chim Chim, Jiminie, Jimingle, Dominie, Dooly and many more.

Has Jimin got any tattoos on his body?

He has six tattoos on his body. He loves being inked like Jungkook. He has tattoos on his neck, back, elbow, and index finger. He also got a tattoo on his rib.

How many piercings does Jimin have?

Jimin has got 5 piercings. He has two piercings on his right ear and three piercings on his left ear. When he came to Seoul, he got his first piercing.

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