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A Lifestyle of Korean Band BTS Member Jin (Kim Seok-Jin)

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Jin is a South Korean singer, songwriter and member of the South Korean Band BTS. Jin, aka Kim Seok-Jin, was born on December 04, 1992, in Gwacheon, Gyeonggi, South Korea. Jin's height is 1.79 meters. He has a tiny family. Only one elder brother and his parents. Jin is the younger one. His brother's name is Kim Seok-Joong.

Jin’s Education Information

“Jin, aka Kim Seok-Jin, completed his schooling at Bosung High School. He graduated from Konkuk University in 2017. He graduated in Arts and acting, then completed his Masters's Degree from Hanyang Cyber University.”

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The complete life story of Jin Korean Band BTS Member

Jin thought of becoming a detective when he was young. But then he thought of becoming a Master Chef in cooking shows. He always wanted to create his own identity. But after some time, he changed his thoughts. He finally thought of going into the acting field. He then took acting classes and dance classes.

During that period, Jin gave an audition for SM Entertainment and got selected in the first turn. But he chose something other than that company and continued his classes. One day Jin was walking down the street when the BTS Coordinator saw him. He referred Jin to an audition for Big Hit Entertainment. He was selected and then became a trainee at Big Hit Entertainment. He then became a member of BTS after completing his training.

Information About the Occupation of Jin (Kin Seok-Jin)

“Jinis Co-writter and already wrote three solo track that was perform with the BTS.”

Jin is a singer, dancer and songwriter of the BTS band. He made his debut with the release of the single "No more dreams" in 2013. He has won many awards.

Emotional Journey of Jin’s Life and Struggles

When he was selected as a trainee, he was so nervous that he practised day and night to overcome his nervousness. But while performing his first debut on stage, he faced a wardrobe malfunction. Jin cried a lot after the performance, yet it was an accident.

All the members were so supportive, and they all supported him in this challenging time. And he overcame this incident.

Army Wants to Know Jin’s Favourite Things

Jin, aka Kim Seok-Jin's favourite foods, are Naengmyoen, lobsters, Dakgalbi, Sushi, Sashimi and much more. Jin and Suga have expressed their love for Japan. Members have sung many songs in Japanese for their Japanese army. He also likes New Zealand and the USA. In an interview with J-14 magazine, it was said that Jin's favourite colour is Blue. It used to be pink. His favourite number is 4. His favourite animal is an alpaca.

Jin loves to play games like The Lion King, Maplestory and Super Mario. He also has a collection of Mario items in his room. He is an excellent cook. He used to be the designated cook of BTS during their early days, as seen in some YouTube videos. Jin once mentioned in an interview that his favourite drinks are espresso and coffee. Jin loves Hershey's Chocolate Drink. He describes it as it's the water of life. His favourite weather is Spring.

Here are Funny and Cute Facts about Jin

Let's have a look at some amazing fun facts about Jin. He has a lot of nicknames. Princess, Eomma, Prince Jin, Hand Kissed Jin, Visual king and many more are all the nicknames of Jin.

He wants to be called Jin-Hime by his Japanese fans. He is the eldest member of the BTS band. He has a great love for lobsters. He is very good at cooking.

Apart from being a talented singer and songwriter, he is also very good at playing the piano and guitar. He is the fourth person to join the BTS band. He had a dog whose name was jjanggu. He had two sugar gliders named Odeng and Eomuk. Jin has powerful prescription glasses. He doesn't wear them because he'll feel insecure.

He is also called a pink princess because he loves pink so much. He opened a Japanese restaurant with his brother Kim Seok-Joong named Ossu Seiromushi. Once Jin made soup for J-hope, and it left him speechless. He felt that his mom had made this soup. He usually wakes up 2 hours before his members. He is very kind-hearted and loving. His first ever album was Girls Generation Album.

Hence the army is very impressed by the members. So they want to know about their favourite members' lifestyles and life stories. So if you are Jin, Kim Seok-Jin's lover, this is for you. In this article, we will let you know m about the lifestyle of Jin.


How old was Jin when he joined the BTS band?

Jin is the eldest member of BTS. He was 21 years old when he joined BTS. He joined BTS in June 2013.

Does BTS member Jin has any tattoos?

Jin has a friendship tattoo on his waist. The tattoo is a 7 number. Like Jungkook and Jimin, Jin doesn't have many tattoos on his body.

Does Jin have any piercings?

Jin has only two ear piercings. Both are on his left ear. He doesn't wear earrings much.

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