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How does the British Royal Family celebrate the new year?

Every country has its traditions and customs, and people celebrate them according to them.

Here we will be talking about the celebration of the British Royal Family. Christmas has ended, and now we are looking forward to the new year. Everyone is wondering how the Royal Family will celebrate the new year after the passing away of Queen Elizabeth.

This 2023 year's celebration will be more subdued than usual because of the death of Queen Elizabeth in September.

Royal Family Choose Best Place To Celebrate Newyear

The Royals have celebrated Christmas at Sandringham house, and it's still being determined whether they will remain at Norfolk state to welcome the new year or there will go separate ways.

It has been said that the Royal family will stay at Norfolk for the new year, and it is confident that the king will uphold the traditions set by his mother.

Only Christmas was not different for the Royal family this year. New year's Eve will also be different after Queen Elizabeth's death. In short, they are sad and miss their mother, but they celebrate this new opportunity by following in the footsteps of their mother so that they can remember her and give respect after her death. This does not belong to the royal family every family does this for the mothers. This is the best way to remember someone and pay tribute to someone to complete and continue their rituals and tradition, especially when it belongs to mankind and humanity.

Get Information about Royal Family New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve will also be unusual as Young Charles takes the lead in 2023. Let's have a look at some plans for the Royal family's new year celebrations after the death of Queen Elizabeth.

As the Royals had celebrated Christmas a week ago, and in honour of their late mother, Queen Elizabeth, King Charles invited the whole family to spend the festive period at Sandringham. The Queen was known to cherish the annual gathering at Norfolk State. She often stayed at Sandringham until 6 February.

The Queen would invite family members to traditionally celebrate the new year with her. She would celebrate Christmas at her local church and also attend New Year's Eve service.

The Queen would attend a service at St Mary Magdalene Church in Sandringham the following day. On new years day, the Queen reportedly enjoyed horse riding with family.

Queen Elizabeth's Tradition to Celebrate New Year

Now, after the passing away of Queen Elizabeth, king Charles will be spending the new year at Sandringham as Queen used to attend the church services at St Mary Magdalene. King continued his mother's traditions of celebrating the new year. In 2021 Queen was at Windsor Castle both for Christmas and New year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Due to Covid and fading health of Queen and Prince Philips, the custom had fallen away. But this year, it is hoped that King Charles will restore traditions. He is most likely to be accompanied by friends and family. The one who couldn't make it to Christmas, especially Princess Anne. She couldn't attend Christmas because she was suffering from a cold. King will be heading to Scotland early in the new year to break one of the longest traditions of his mother. King Charles and Queen Camila have travelled to Birkhall in time for New Year's Eve in previous years.

Charles will be on the North side for several weeks. Like the Queen, he will be dealing with the affairs of the state, maintaining his usual routine. Let's see how the Royals will celebrate the new year this time.

The Royal Family has celebrated Christmas at Sandringham, and people are curious about their new year celebrations. Everyone wants to know how the Royal Family will celebrate the new year, this time after the death of Queen Elizabeth. The King will undoubtedly uphold all the traditions set up by his mother. Let's see how they will celebrate the new year this time. I hope you all liked it. Kindly let me know your thoughts in the comments section.

Lots of blessings!


Is there going to be any difference in the new year celebrations of the Royal Family after the queen's death?

As the royals celebrated Christmas in Sandringham. And it is said that they will celebrate the new year at Norfolk state, continuing the tradition of the Queen. King will uphold the traditions set by his mother certainly.

Are Royals allowed to have tattoos?

Royals are not allowed to have any tattoos on their body. However, they have a strict dress code.

When do Royals wear black dresses?

Royals wear black dresses in case someone dies in the family. Black colour is worn in times of sorrow.

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