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Moroccan Players Celebrated the Victory by Flattering of Palestine Flag

FIFA Worldcup Moroccan & Phalistine Falg Controversy This video is trending on social media.

The FIFA World Cup started in November and is about to end. Many teams played and were disqualified. This is countable for the FIFA world cup 2022 controversy, and people are curious about what happened and the logic that made it controversial. Get Updated News is here to present you with Real & Authentic Information about Moroccan Players celebrating victory.

“Get Updated News is always here to provide accurate and authentic news. We all know that when one topic is the trend in the social society. So there is also a lie about it; There is a probability you will interact with lots of wrong information.”

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Main and Brainstorm Points

  • The Moroccan team became the first Middle Eastern team to qualify for the semifinals.

  • The flag raised during the tournament was not their flag. Instead of the Morocco flag, it was the Palestine flag.

  • Why were players showing the Palestinian flag, and what does this represent?

Moroccan Team Performance

Recently the Moroccan team played against Spain and Portugal and defeated both. This week they played against Spain and won. They became the first Middle Eastern or African team to qualify for the semifinals.

The Moroccan team has stunned the world with its historical performances against Portugal and Spain. When they won against Spain, they celebrated their victory with a Flag which was not Morocco's.

Famous victory with a Palestinian flag

The Moroccan team has been the biggest surprise of the tournament. It will next face either Switzerland or Portugal. All the team players gathered on the field and flattened the Palestine flag to show solidarity at the first World Cup held in the Middle East.

When the Moroccan team defeated Spain, they flattened a flag that wasn't theirs. Instead, the player raised the Palestinian flag, showing love and respect for the brothers and sisters in Palestine. The Moroccan team, also known as Atlas lions, showed the point of solidarity. Anas Laqtait is a lecturer in Middle Eastern politics at Australian National University. He said:

"The Palestinian flag has long represented Arab Nationalism, a project that saw its height in the middle of the 20th century".

He also said that:

"I am not surprised to see this level of support, particularly in relation to football".

FIFA World Cup host Qatar has no relations with Israel and has supported Palestine for over a decade.

About 250000 Palestinians live in Qatar. FIFA regulations prohibit the display of banners, flags and fliers deemed to be “political, offensive and/or discriminatory nature.”

What does the Palestinian flag represent?

Palestinian flag binds all the Arab countries together and carries a form of nationalism. Arab solidarity with Palestinian people has been expressed through pop culture, dance and poetry. One of the fans of the Moroccan team brought a Rajawi Chant to the World Cup, which was dedicated to the Palestinian people.

Dr Laqtait described the Arab world as suffering from a "democratic deficiency". He also said there is a dichotomy between what senior political leadership sees as strategic priorities and what the Arab public sees as a strategic priority for themselves.

“He also said in support and love of Palestine”

"I predict this support will continue even if Morocco leaves the World Cup. The fans will continue to show this love and support to Palestine".

As we all know, Morocco has defeated Spain and Portugal's teams. And has become the first Middle Eastern or African team to qualify for the semi-finals.

The team celebrated the victory by flattering and raising the Palestinian flag in the air. The team showcases immense love and solidarity for Palestine and its people.

Along with the Moroccan flag, the players also raised the Palestinian flag. And this is trending all over the internet.

Now Morocco will face France on Thursday Morning. France has been a dangerous side throughout the tournament. Let's hope for the best.

Kindly let me know about your experiences in the comments section. I hope you all like it.

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Why did the Morocco team raise the Palestinian flag after their victory against Spain?

The team raised the Palestinian flag to show their support and solidarity for the country.

What is Qatar's relationship with Israel?

It is not surprising to know that Qatar's relationship with Israel is not good. However, most Arab countries have normalised their relationship with Israel. Qatar provides a welcoming environment for Palestinian people.

Has the football authority issued a fine for raising the Palestinian flag?

It has been stated at some places that football authorities have issued fines for raising the Palestinian flag inside the grounds.

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