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Kim Seok Jin on joining the South Korean Military

Hence the well-known BTS member Kim Seok Jin has officially enlisted in the South Korean Military to complete the country's mandatory requirement as of December 12. So let's have a look at it.

Jin is a South Korean singer, songwriter and member of the South Korean Band BTS. Jin, aka Kim Seok-Jin, was born on December 04, 1992, in Gwacheon, Gyeonggi, South Korea. Jin aka Kim Seok-jin has a tiny family. Only one elder brother and his parents. Jin is the younger one. His brother's name is Kim Seok-Joong.

“Jin is a singer, dancer and songwriter of the BTS band. He made his debut with the release of the single "No more dreams" in 2013. He has won many awards.”

Jin Joining Military

On December 12, BTS member Kim Jeok-Sin officially enlisted in the South Korean Military to complete Korea's mandatory service requirements for men over 18.

Kim Seok-Jin announced Weverse on Sunday. He shared a photo of him with a fresh buzzcut. The caption of the photo was "Cuter than expected".

He left the army on Tuesday with the message, "It's curtain call time".

According to the Defence Ministry, Jin is expected to serve through June 2024, months before BTS is expected to end their current hiatus in 2025.

The mandatory service period is from 18 months to 21 months. Being the oldest member of BTS, Jin is the first member to begin his service in the Military of South Korea.

On Tuesday, he entered a Military training centre in Yeoncheon County in Gyeonggi Province, near the border with North Korea. Jin is expected to end his service in June 2024. He said goodbye to his army on December 12.

Why did Kin Seok-Jin, A BTS Member, Join the Military?

Yes, we know the army is concerned about why Kim Seok-jin needs to join the military. There is information and reason behind it. Most of the army was unaware of this reason. Get Updated News is here to define what is the reason behind it.

This law in South Korea clearly mentions that every man South Korea nationalises must join the military at their youngest age, at least once in their life. That’s why Jin, aka Kin Seok-jin, goes to the military to fulfil his country's law at the right time and at the youngest stage of his age.

BTS Members Wishes For KIM Seok-Jin

As we know, every band member is emotionally attached to each other. They love and respect every member of this band. In one interview where the RM BTS leader supported said, I sent best wishes to jin while he was going to the military camp. Rm said, be vital as you are and show them the army. Keep yourself healthy and complete every task safely.

Also, the leader said once he comes in 2025 after completing his solo military services, he will be the strongest person ever in front of the army with more powers. All will be more proud full on him.

As we all know, it is mandatory for men to serve in the South Korean Military after the age of 18. So one of the BTS members, Kim Seok-Jin, is about to serve in the Military. On December 12, Kim enlisted in the Military and is expected to end his services in 2024. So here we have described the joining of Kim Seok-Jin in the Military.

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Why did Jin join the South Korean military?

It is compulsory for every man in South Korea to serve in the Military after the age of 18. That's why he joined the military.

How long does Jin provide services in the military?

He is expected to serve through June 2024. The expected time period is between 18 to 21 months.

Who has completed his services in the Military from BTS?

Jin is the oldest member of BTS. He is the first member of BTS to join the South Korean military.

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