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BTS Member J-Hope Family & Lifestyle

J-Hope aka Jung Ho-seok was born on February 18, 1994 in Ilgok-dong, Gwangju, South Korea.

J-hopes' full name is Jung Ho-seok. His height is 1.77 meters. There are three members in his family. His parents and an elder sister. He is the youngest in his family. His sister's name is Jung Ji-woo. J-hope completed his schooling at Gwangju Global High School. From Gwangju Music Academy, he took his dance classes. And now he is currently enrolled at the Global Cyber university along with his group members Jungkook, V, Jimin, RM and Suga.

The life story of J-Hope

“Before joining BTS, he was a part of an Underground Dance team, "neuron". As he got classes from Gwangju Music academy, he was an outstanding dancer. When he was young, he was best known for his dance. He won many awards for his dance performances even before joining BTS.”

Being good at dancing, he also got some interest in singing and took singing classes too. Then he auditioned for Big Hit Entertainment and got selected as a trainee. After some time as a trainee, he became an official member of the BTS band.

Occupation of J-Hope

J-Hope is a member of the South Korean boy band BTS. He is a rapper, dancer and songwriter. As a BTS member, he made his first debut with the release of the single "No more dreams" in 2013. He has won many awards because of his talents.

Some sad moments in the life of J-Hope

He always wanted to be a dancer and took dance classes too. But his father didn't support him in this decision of J-Hope. His mother supported him and worked in another country for him. As his mother made so many struggles for him, he wrote a song called "MAMA" and dedicated this song to her mother.

For his first birthday after his debut, all members surprised J-Hope with a video of his group, family and managers. J-Hope cried so much after watching that video. J-Hope cried once on the stage, saying that he became the proud son of his parents all because of his love of the army.

He almost dropped out when he was a trainee. Jungkook and Jimin cried so hard for him. Then RM told Big Hit Entertainment that they needed j-Hope as a member of the Band. He struggled.

Some favorites of J-Hope

J-Hope loves to eat Kimchi pancakes, and the member has expressed love for his kimchi many times. He also loves to eat Bulgogi. J-Hope's favourite drink is sprite. He also loves ice Americano. In an interview with J-14 magazine, it was said that his favourite colour is green. However, it used to be pink before. His favourite season is Spring.

Apart from South Korea, he has expressed his love for Japan. He and his members have sung songs for the Japanese army. His favourite number is an even. He is an amiable person. He is a very calm, honest, and humble person.

Some Crazy Fun Facts about J-Hope

Here are some crazy fun facts about the BTS member J-Hope. Like other BTS members, J-Hope also has many nicknames. Hobi, Sunshine, Angel, Golden Hyung, and Jay are all the Nicknames of J-Hope. Before auditioning for Big Hit Entertainment, he auditioned for JYP Entertainment, but unfortunately, he was not selected. He was famous before joining BTS because he was already an underground dancer.

He was very good at tennis during his elementary days. He also won many awards for tennis.

He is very energetic and active, and he is the one who excites all the other members of the group. His stage name was Smile-Hoya before he joined BTS. He hates working out and exercising. He is the only group member who hasn't pierced his ears. He also has a dog named Mickey. He used to practice dancing late at night along with Jimin and Jungkook.

He likes to watch melodramatic movies. He could improve at drawing. He hated aegyo before his debut. But now he had changed his mind about his fandom. He is very friendly. He is like the mother of a BTS band. He is very humble and sweet with his fans.

As the BTS band's fandom is increasing continuously, the army has questions about their lives and lifestyles. Everyone from the army is interested in knowing about their favourite BTS members.

So here we have described the lifestyle and life story of BTS member J-HOPE. Kindly let me know your thoughts in the comments section. I hope you all liked this.

Lots of love and blessings!


How old was J-Hope when he joined the BTS band?

J-Hope, aka Jung Ho-Seok, was 17 when he joined the BTS band. He became a member of BTS in June 2013.

Does J-Hope have any tattoos on his body?

Recently on June 15, he shared a post Behind the scenes of their latest track, "Yet To Come". In this post, he revealed his tattoo, saying the number 7 behind his leg above his ankle.

Has BTS member J-Hope got any piercings yet?

J-Hope is the only member of the BTS band who still needs to get piercings. He once said that he loves his ears so much and wants them natural and pure.

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